About the Cool Arab NFT collection

The Cool Arab is a community-driven project containing unique and stylish NFTs designed to showcase Arabic culture. Our goal is to build the most welcoming and rewarding community in the NFT space. Holding a Cool Arab is more than just owning a JPEG, it grants you access to be part of this cool community that is on the rise on the Solana blockchain.

Minting Begins

Jun 30 2022 08:00:00 GMT+4

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Our Roadmap

Phase 1 - Launch
Develop website.
Grow community.
NFT airdrop.

Phase 2 - 50% Sales
Create liquidity pool & reward token.
P2E game integration.
Exclusive merch.

Phase 3 - 100% Sales
Host virtual event.
Launch premium Cool Arab collection.
Future roadmap to be decided by Founder and Holders.

 Built with utility in mind!

Our main goal is to provide Cool Arab holders with long-term utility. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, Cool Arab holders will receive huge value in terms of rewards and benefits. As our brand grows, Cool Arab holders can expect exclusive access to giveaways, merchandise, social events and much more!

Check out our roadmap and join us on our communities to find out more.

Partners & helpers